We are a legal outsourcing services founded by Nepal’s premier law firm, Pradhan & Associates, which has been recognized as the “leading firm” in Nepal. We work with our partner law firms, legal teams, in-house counsexcellent customer servels, and lawyers across the globe on client assignments. We provide an array of legal outsourcing services while emphasizing ice. Based in our office in Kathmandu, Nepal, we have a team of lawyers, assistants, and paralegals and secure technology so that we can deliver effective legal support and services at an efficient cost while ensuring an optimum quality of work.


What Sets Us Apart

Instead of simply operating like an outside third party, we strive to be a long-term partner who is integral part of every project assigned to us. Founders of Pradhan Consulting have about three decades of experience in the legal sector in both US and Nepal. As practitioners, we understand not only the global legal industry but also the evolving needs of legal practitioners. Our team is led by US-trained lawyers who are licensed to practice in the State of New York. We work on and extensively review each assignment before submission. 

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